Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats. Council of Europe,


2017 could be a fateful  year  for the wolfs  in Norway.

Predator committees have decided that 47 for a population of 68 all-Norwegian wolves can be shot.

This represents nearly 70% of all wolves we have.

This is a shame for Norway and inconsistent with the obligation of having a viable wolf population.

The wolf belongs in the Norwegian nature, but is critically endangered as a result of the low population target. It is as natural a part of Norwegian nature as elk, grouse and grouse and must be managed in a responsible manner, not as a pest. There are preventive measures against depredation, shooting the whole wolf packs should not be one of them.

Most Norwegians will have wolves in Norway, it makes nature a little wilder and more exciting. Many of the wolves do not cause damage to grazing animals.

February 7, 1997 Great Environment as an organizer for a meeting at which the Berne Convention and  predator management  in  Norway.
Present were conventions’ sekretœr Eladio Frenandez Galioano from Spain, committee chairman Anti Haapanen from Finland, Secretary of State of Bernt Bull and a number of representatives of a number of environmental authorities, Norwegian   agriculture organization   and Norwegian environmental organizations.

It was preciseed very carefully ar the basic principle obliges each country A take care of the predator species we have, keep them out of danger, that it is viable and reproducing populations.


The BernConvention following articles summarized this in three points “:
* The parties have a clear obligation to ensure the species within each country.

* These obligations can not be transferred to other countries.

* Each country has a responsibility to preserve viable populations of all predator species, anything else is a clear misinterpretation “Berne Convention
Wolf has been blamed mostly affecting rural areas, including depopulation, closure of the local post office, lost quality of life. elk is known about to bl eradicated from eastern Norway. agriculture is ejected and cultural grow again.

.All This is the wolf behind .Yes, believe it will.
One may wonder what this enormous hatred of one animal like the wolf stems.
Old fairy tales, legends, superstitions, rumors, gossip or facts?
Well, facts is hardly the basis for what we see.

In these predators opponent communities so mistrusts you everything called research and think rather what we ourselves think and hear.
“Facts” comes it from urban legends, conspiracy theories and ancient horror stories.
This is used so actively to build an even stronger threat relationship to the wolf.
In short, they criminalizing wolf to create a legitimacy for eradication.
This is a known strategy that we have seen many times over the history .
First and foremost, I would say that this slaughter of particular wolves are loathsome and abominable.
The newspaper “The Guardian” has in article after article called Norwegians for barbarians.
The hunt for wolves with helicopters must surely  be one bottom level of disrespect for one animal majority of Norwegians want to have in Norway.
We need Yout help to save our wolves in Norway.




One thought on “Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats. Council of Europe,

  1. Thank you for your effort, May.

    There are 2 main obstacles:

    1. The sami people. There is no coincidence that there are more wolves in Hedmark than in Finnmark. The wolves are immediately hunted down in the whole “sami land”.

    2. We need to herd the sheep. This should be paid for by the Norwegian state. Jobs for youth during the grazing season, with blank shots and dogs.

    I do not have any time left to help you, so please do not consider me to be of any assistance…

    All the best from toomuchtodoterje


    Terje Bongard
    Researcher, PhD

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